My Hallam Story
jenny Poirier

Jenny Poirier | Office Manager

My Hallam story has just begun and has been wonderful.  I come from a strong background in office support with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Recently, I had been looking for a position where I could utilize my skills and advance into an Office Manager role.  Most importantly, I was searching for a Company that sees its employees as their most important asset and an emphasized healthy work/life balance.  Hallam-ICS has proven to be just that.  Also, a workplace that allows “furry friends” to be part of the team, yes please!

When scanning online through employment opportunities, I came across Hallam-ICS.  Right away, when browsing through the Hallam website, I noticed how important the employees were to the Company as a whole. Employee-Owned, Great!  As I came across the “Our People “section of the website and started to click on random people, I noticed that everyone had their own “My Hallam Story”.  When reading through some of these stories, I noticed that numerous employees had been with the Company for many years.  The more I opened, the more people I realized have remained with Hallam for a very long time.  This was proof to me that this Company has a proven ability to retain skilled people and in return, continued to grow.  Hallam’s community service involvement showed me that this Company has a heart!

My time with Hallam has been very exciting.  The Engineering world is very interesting and I am learning a lot!  Fast-paced travel/rental arrangements initiated me into the workplace and now I am confident that Hallam-ICS will not only challenge me, but provide a rewarding environment along the way.  Everyone here is very welcoming and willing to help.  I am very thankful that my previous knowledge and experience led me to be qualified for this position!