My Hallam Story
Robert Mays

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Robert Mays | Software Engineer

After finishing my degree in Software Development at Champlain College, I knew it was time to move my career in a new direction. With a varied professional background that includes experience as a nuclear reactor operator, controls engineer, electronics technician, and a data center engineer, I wasn’t quite sure where the next phase of my career would take me. However, I knew that I wanted to be challenged, to maintain a healthy balance between work and otherwise, and to be provided opportunities to continually improve myself at work. It wasn’t long before I found that and more at Hallam-ICS.

When I first learned about Hallam-ICS, I was enthusiastic about the potential opportunity to put both my prior experience and my new degree to good use at the same time. Once I met with the team, I knew that Hallam-ICS could provide what I was looking for in a workplace.  I was fortunate enough to be offered a position that matched my career goals, and I gladly accepted. Since joining the team at Hallam-ICS, I have been happy to find myself in a workplace that empowers me to pursue professional development while working with a team of exceptional coworkers on exciting projects.