CAPCA Spring  Conference

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Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association Spring Conference



April 10-12, 2024


The Omni Grove Park Inn

290 Macon Ave

Asheville, NC 28804




We aim to help you go BEYOND COMPLIANCE with actionable recommendations to reduce risk and improve safety beyond the minimum requirements of NFPA. Often additional steps not explicitly re­quired by NFPA can be taken at little or no cost to further reduce risks.

Combustible Dust Safety can achieve much more than just legal compliance or satisfying the insurance company or Fire Marshal. Sure, those are im­portant, but the real benefit is keeping your facility and employees safe from the hazards of combusti­ble dust. This requires a comprehensive combustible dust safety strategy, which is illustrated by the Combustible Dust Safety Cycle.

Make Hallam-ICS your partner throughout the Combustible Dust Safety Cycle and let us help you establish a culture of Combustible Dust Safety within your facility.

At Hallam-ICS our goal is to help you identify and mitigate combustible dust hazards in your facility so your personnel can go home safely today and have a facility to return to tomorrow.

Our team has extensive experience as design engineers so we understand the facilities, systems, and equipment we will be analyzing for hazards. This familiarity allows us to be efficient and thorough with our evaluations and recommendations.

Through our comprehensive Combustible Dust Safety Services we strive to ensure the safety of your plant and personnel and help you establish a culture of Combustible Dust Safety within your facility.

Don't miss Chris's presentation on

Combustible Dust Safety 101: Dust Sampling, Testing, & Dust Hazard Analysis

Wednesday, April 10th, 8:30-11:30AM

Chris Giusto

Chris Giusto, PE

Regional Manager - South Atlantic 


Chris has over 20 years of engineering experience and leads Hallam’s Combustible Dust Safety Service offerings. He’s spent nearly his entire career working with combustible dust hazards and designing NFPA-compliant equipment and systems.

With additional expertise in material handling and dust collection systems, he and his team bring a comprehensive approach to practical solutions for improving safety and meeting NFPA requirements.


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Omni Grove Park Inn