At Hallam-ICS, what's important to you is everything to us.

At Hallam-ICS, Our Teams Love Engineering and People

Our technical experience provides you reliably engineered solutions, and our relationships bring partnership and care to inspire your businesses and communities.

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Inspired to Create Better Facilities, Plants and Campuses

Hallam-ICS inspires our engineers to leave an impact on every facility, plant, campus and community. Learn more about our focused services:

Inspired to Bring Relationships that Make Your Work Easier 



Our engineers come to you. 

Onsite project teams are critical to success.

Pochop and Abair

We listen first. 

Your goals and requirements are the basis for our plans.


We work together. 

An iterative and collaborative process with sustainable results. 

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How We Work

Inspired to Engineer Positive Change

 Some changes we make are small – like better components in systems or a simple hour helping the community. Other changes alter lives – like implementing toxic gas monitoring systems that help researchers perform their work and return home safely, and large-scale service projects and donations that better the communities where we live and work. We’re passionate about these changes that inspire a positive impact on our customers, our employees, and our community.
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Inspired Beyond 9-5

Our employees' shared ownership of our company, deep team camaraderie and opportunities in the community inspire them to partner with you and bring the technical experience to succeed. 

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Engineer on call
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Inspired to Continue a Legacy of Technical Integrity

Since 1981, our teams have served the facilities and plants of organizations around the country. Beginning with David Hallam’s engineering consulting business, growing through clients like IBM, General Electric, and the Vermont Air National Guard, and evolving processes and solutions to create the best service possible, Hallam-ICS has been sustained along the way a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Inspired Results that Drive Success

Though the end result of an engagement with Hallam-ICS looks different for each client, our teams bring engineering experience that provides reliable solutions every time.

  • A semiconductor plant with a state-of-the-art toxic gas monitoring system
  • A LEED Gold certified facility
  • Specific and reliable MEP engineering designs for a research facility
  • Increased throughput on a manufacturing floor
  • An arc flash assessment that proactively ensures safety and compliance

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case studies

Inspired Histories that Create Better Solutions 

Our employees work together to create better facilities, plants, campuses, and communities. In fact, 80 percent of customers are so satisfied, they’re back for repeat business.

Repeat Business Rate

years at Hallam-ICS for a third of employees


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Employee Owned

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Inspired Ownership – A Company Made by Us for Us.

At Hallam-ICS, each step we take is intentional. We live and breathe the tangible, reliable, measurable solutions our clients need engineered for their business. With our 100% employee-owned structure, our employees get hands-on control of customer success, company profitability, and personal growth. By sharing in responsibilities and the resulting profits, our engineers are inspired and motivated to engage in client projects with an overflow of passion.


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Our clients say...

“There is no question about the engineering skill at Hallam-ICS. It's excellent. As a facility owner, what stands out is their level of service: they understand the engineering problem, roll up their sleeves and get dirty in the field and give me results that are impactful. Their responses are practical and understanding, and they’re people we really enjoy having around. They make our company better.”


“The team was extremely easy to work with, and your knowledge of our environment and familiarity with our challenges made the process really efficient.   Communication was excellent. We never experienced any downtime.  I would definitely hire Hallam-ICS for another project.” 


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