Dec 07, 2017 | Written by Steve Comeau | Manufacturing Intelligence

Equipment Energy Usage – My Favorite MI Project in 2017

Looking back on 2017, the Manufacturing Intelligence team has worked on many fascinating projects.  I would like to tell you about my favorite project for the year, involving collecting data and reporting on equipment energy usage, which is a common need at many facilities.


Dec 06, 2017 | Written by Aaron Groom | Process Control and Plant Automation

Mr. Whiskers Goes to Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair

Mr. Whiskers is my daughter's favorite Beanie Boo and he travelled to Houston Texas with me to attend this year's Rockwell Automation’s Process Solution User Group (PSUG) and Automation Fair.  We learned about a lot of new technologies and software that Rockwell and their partners are offering.  Mr Whiskers loves Legos, so our first stop was the First Lego booth!


Dec 05, 2017 | Written by Steve Comeau | Manufacturing Intelligence

Looking Back on 2017: Excel Is Still Relevant For Reports And Data Analysis

There are many modern data visualization and data analytics tools used for manufacturing intelligence (MI).  Some, such as Microsoft’s PowerBI, have advanced data visualization capabilities that make products such as Excel seem rather dated; yet, Excel continues to be widely used.


Nov 30, 2017 | Written by Matt Reed | MEP Engineering, Commissioning and Validation

My Building Was Commissioned. Why Am I Still Getting Complaints From The Building Occupants?

My first experience with the Commissioning V-Model was 10 years ago while interviewing with Hallam. It was being used as a visual tool to give me a brief overview of the Commissioning Process that we used. Being new to the field I took note of how effective the V-Model was.


Nov 27, 2017 | Written by Jordan King | Culturally Different, Social Mission

Losing Our Marbles For NC Service Day

When we chose Marbles Kids Museum for our North Carolina Service day, I don’t think any of us realized we would be doing things like playing, coloring, or gluing things together. Although the Hallam-ICS Service Day represents a day of giving back to the community and helping kids, it really brought the kid out in us.


Nov 21, 2017 | Written by Robert Chase | Culturally Different, Social Mission

Hallam-ICS Service Day–MA/CT Office

The Hallam-ICS Service Day is a part of our company’s social mission and a way to be an active part of the communities in which we live and work. For 2017, the Massachusetts and Connecticut offices joined forces for a combined Service Day!


Nov 16, 2017 | Written by Shawn Gwin | Process Control and Plant Automation, Manufacturing Intelligence

4 Low Cost Options for Training on Topics like Microsoft .Net and Azure

I have been a software developer for over 20 years in Upstate New York. In that time, I have had the opportunity to attend over a dozen professional conferences. Usually these conferences are offered in venues that are thousands of miles away from where I live. Attending one of these conferences involves paying for flights, hotels and car rentals. In addition, these conferences usually cost a few thousand dollars for their registration fee.  Once you arrive at one of these large conferences, you and thousands of your peers are herded into huge rooms to listen to keynotes and breakout sessions.


Nov 14, 2017 | Written by Keith Flaherty | Culturally Different

Community Service Award 2017

Starting in 2014, a group of Hallam-ICS employees come together every year to choose five (one from each of our five office locations) non-profit organizations to receive the Hallam-ICS Award for Community Service.  Each selected organization receives a check for $5,000 and a plaque.   The award was established when David Hallam retired from Hallam-ICS:


Nov 09, 2017 | Written by Ken Cross | Culturally Different

Why You Should Hire Veterans?

When you hire a veteran you are hiring a person who will understand the organizational chain of command and respect it.Veterans make the most dedicated and loyal employees. They will also be reliable, punctual and able to work as a team to achieve business goals.Why? Because these are men and women who committed to serve their country, to go where they are needed, follow command, understand orders and know the meaning of the word teamwork on a whole different level.


Nov 07, 2017 | Written by Pete Niarchos | Process Control and Plant Automation

A Drive To The Symposium - Not Just A Seminar, A Symposium!

On October 24, 2017 Horizon Solutions, Rockwell Automation and Hallam-ICS co-sponsored a Drives Symposium, a technical seminar focused on Variable Frequency Drive technology and applications. The free, full-day seminar was held at the Double Tree Hotel in South Burlington with a target audience of Engineers, Maintenance and Technical Managers employed by local manufacturing and industrial companies.  The response was tremendous as over 50 people, form 19 different organizations, signed up for the event. Personally, it was wonderful to see and catch-up with some familiar clients but was equally great to meet some new folks in the process.