Oct 19, 2017 | Written by Brent Weigel, PhD | MEP Engineering

Relevance of Design Specifications in Contract Documents

“Specifications”, “Specs”, “the Project Manual”, the undying king of our A/E/C bookshelves, collecting dust long after the phone books, vendor catalogs, and dictionaries have quit. Does anybody still read these things (specifications)?


Oct 17, 2017 | Written by Dylan Kerkes | Culturally Different

Repetitive Strain Injury And 4 Ways To Prevent It

The forearms are the work horses of the modern-day warrior. From texting to typing to clicking things on the internet we are constantly using the intricate muscles and tendons of the lower arm.  This modern 24/7 demand of our tissues has developed painful conditions known as a repetitive strain injury. These syndromes are the result of overuse and not taking the proper care of our hands and forearms.


Oct 12, 2017 | Written by Natasha Yaryna | Culturally Different, MEP Engineering

Don’t “Sell” To Me – A Marketer’s Perspective

Do you like to be sold to? You might say, “It depends what we are talking about,” but I think not many people like to be “sold” to. What we really want and need is a sufficient amount of helpful and useful information in order to make our own decisions.


Oct 05, 2017 | Written by Julie Gruenholz | Process Control and Plant Automation

How Do I Set Up Modbus Communication In My Modicon Unity PLC?

In my blog post, Why, In 2017, Are We Still Using Modbus? I outlined the common ways PLCs communicate with 3rd party devices using Modbus.


Oct 03, 2017 | Written by Tricia Becker | Culturally Different

Retraining Your Brain After Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury, or ABI is when there is damage to the brain by any number of causes such as physical force (traumatic brain injury, TBI), insufficient blood supply, exposer to a toxic substance, congenital disorders, problems at birth, or decreased oxygen (hypoxia) to name a few.


Sep 28, 2017 | Written by Lee Chapman | Culturally Different, Social Mission

Brand Generosity And The Connection Economy

As a business-to-business marketer for the engineering and technology niche, I work across many small to mid-sized companies to help them grow awareness and increase demand generation for their products and services. Although their focuses and goals differ, one thing I consistently see is a focus on building strong relationships with customers and prospects. I definitely saw it when I began working with Hallam-ICS three years ago — and I’ve since been wowed by how they take it to the next level with their culture of generosity to all of their stakeholders — employees, partners, and within the regional communities in which they do business. 


Sep 22, 2017 | Written by Keith Flaherty | Culturally Different

Getting Ready For Rock Paper Scissors!

One Friday each month, Hallam-ICS provides lunch to our emlpoyees as a chance to spend some time together and enjoy some good food.  Last Friday, the meal was exceptional as we took advantage of a mid-September “summer-like” day to have a barbeque.


Sep 19, 2017 | Written by Jacob Hillegas | Culturally Different

Hallam-ICS Fantasy Football League Kicks Off Another Season!

At Hallam-ICS, we often talk about our great culture, and what company culture is complete without a competitive fantasy football league? For half the year, it provides fodder for water cooler talk, friendly rivalries, and even a reason to watch Browns games in December.


Sep 14, 2017 | Written by Julie Gruenholz | Process Control and Plant Automation

Why, In 2017, Are We Still Using Modbus?

Modbus communication protocol was developed in 1979, and almost 40 years later, it is still used on many industrial sites. It is pretty cool that this openly published, free, simple protocol has been adopted by so many manufacturers to exchange information. It passes 16-bit words over a network that can be formatted however the manufacturer sees fit (unsigned, signed, real), as long as the master and the slave device have agreed ahead of time what format the word(s) will take.


Sep 12, 2017 | Written by Brenda Rose | Culturally Different

The Road To Nationals

I volunteered to write a blog about going to Nationals with a women’s Grand Masters ultimate frisbee team several months ago. In the paragraphs to follow I will share with you what it took to get there, as well as the outcome at Nationals.