Small Lab Toxic Gas Monitoring System Solution

The small lab TGMS panel with a panel mounted HMI is available starting at $15,000!  

Panel Small Lab TGMS Solution Side title.jpg

We have considered the needs of the small lab user, applicable codes, and our experience with the greater microfabrication industry, to create a TGMS solution truly specific to the small lab space

What you get:

  • Real-Time safety information
  • Secure password protected user interface
  • Live Gas Concentration trend graphs
  • User tunable safety responses
  •  Capable of supporting up to 12 analog gas monitoring points
  • Support for Ethernet enabled gas detection
  • Provides relay outputs and digital inputs/outputs for typical TGMS field devices
    • Horns and Strobes
    • Emergency Gas Off Buttons
    • Air Flow Switches
    • Coaxial pressure monitors
    • Gas Shutoff Valves
    • Gas Cabinet Status
    • Fire Alarm interface
    • Building Automation interface
  • Total field wired I/O capacity
    • 10 Points Digital Input
    • 16 Points Digital Output
    • 12 Points Analog Gas Detection or Ethernet enables Gas Detection Input
    • 8 Points Relay Output
  • Industrial grade Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Internal Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • 7” Color touchscreen
  • Open PLC and touchscreen programming code
  • UL508A labelled control panel

What we deliver:

  • Our nearly 30 years of experience in lab spaces
  • Robust functionality normally found in larger systems
  • We can also work with the project stakeholders to confirm the user requirements, evaluate gas detection technology, and establish a safe, code compliant functional specification for the operation of your small lab TGMS.

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