Community Service Award 2017

Thank you for your outstanding participation!

Hallam-ICS and Beer

“Once upon a time, there were Two Towns situated along the Russian River. One of the towns was a quiet little Hamlet while the other was known for its quirky residents who lived there. Like a Very Hazy gentleman named Heady Topper who once drank a Druthers Truth Serum and turned into a Duck-Rabbit. He was good friends with..."

Read more of this silly story and add to it!

We had great participation with nearly 400 nominations and we learned a lot of new craft beer names! We also got one request for a case of Scotch. Perhaps, next year, Greg!  The top 5 most popular brews by the number of requests were Heady Topper by Alchemist, many varieties of Druthers, Very Hazy by Tree House, Jade IPA by Foothills and several hoppy libations by Switchback.

Popular Beers in Hallam-ICS Hops for Humanity

We also learned a few things about participation in our regions of service.  Hands down, New York took the prize for the most nominations!  You’d think they drink a lot of craft beer, right?  Nah. They use social media to spread the word very well. Go New York!

Participation by region in Hallam-ICS Hops for Humanity

In a few short weeks we’ll have our winning organizations selected for the 2017 Hallam-ICS Community Service Award. Stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, can you add to the silly hoppy story?