My Hallam Story
Andy Forrest.png

Andy Forrest | Director of South Atlantic Sales

My Hallam Story is relatively new, as I have just begun my career with the company a few months ago!  My story begins with a job selling heavy industrial supplies back in 2008, just in time for the “great recession.”  I then got out of the industrial world and got into dental sales, because everyone knows teeth are recession proof!  As the economy slowly strengthened, I wanted to get back to my industrial roots, and joined up with a precision engineering supplier.  They told me that I had a 95% chance of going to Atlanta, and a 5% chance Raleigh.  Luckily for my wife and me it was Raleigh, no offense to Atlanta! 

This is where my Hallam Story REALLY begins.  One morning I was looking at LinkedIn and I saw that I had a message from Keith Flaherty.  Obviously having never met Keith, I assumed it was either a robot message or spam of some sort, but it turns out he is actually a real guy!  After we connected, he put me in contact with the North Carolina team leaders, Scott and Jaime.  A great interview with these two guys, and one week later, I got a call from Scott and the rest is history! 

Every single person that I have been fortunate enough to have spoken to or met in person have been absolutely phenomenal.  The company culture, the friendships, and the quality of work produced from the entire company is incredible.  I am fortunate that Hallam-ICS found me!