Commissioning and Validation

Case study: University of Rhode Island

Thorough Building Commissioning From Design to Documentation to Training


“Based on your trouble-shooting skills and willingness/eagerness to help, we moved you on to working with PLC code to commission bioreactor phases. I know the amount of issues we identified with the code released to us is disheartening, but your contribution as part of the team has brought us to where we are in the schedule today. I've been impressed with the thoroughness of your testing abilities, the quickness in which you pick up on process knowledge, your commitment to work safely, and the commitment to quality and closure that you have shown. Please keep up the great work!"
Project Manager, Life Sciences Client

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When You Absolutely Need To Know You Got It Right

When you’re pursuing LEED certification or validating the performance of your facility systems, building envelope, or manufacturing systems, our building commissioning team will verify that your engineer and builder got it right, and help you make a plan if they didn’t. Our thorough process focuses on the key areas of systems performance, process validation, staff training and competency, and engineering documentation. With our organization’s expertise in MEP engineering and building automation and control systems for facilities, we provide you with deep insight into design and operational improvements for your specific facility and sustainability goals. We have:

  • A core focus on the pillars of your facility’s success: systems, people, and documentation.
  • Comprehensive documentation practices that leave nothing to chance – from design drawings to process validation to equipment selection to assessing implemented systems and training.
  • Engineers able to help you meet the high standards of LEED Certification.

White paper download Commissioning and V-Model

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