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The final stages of development for systems validation and facility commissioning can be taxing, and having a partner who provides thorough onsite support is critical to ensuring your final systems are engineered correctly so you’re inspired to move forward.

When you’re pursuing LEED certification or validating the performance of your facility systems, building envelope, or manufacturing systems, our building commissioning team will verify that your engineer and builder got it right, and help you make a plan if they didn’t. Our thorough process focuses on the key areas of systems performance, process validation, staff training and competency, and engineering documentation. With our organization’s expertise in MEP engineering and building automation and control systems for facilities, we provide you with deep insight into design and operational improvements for your specific facility and sustainability goals. 

Commissioning Services

  • New Systems Commissioning
  • Existing Systems Retro-Cx
  • LEED Certification
  • Operations & Maintenance Training

Our Expertise

  • Systems Commissioning
  • Facilities Commissioning


  • Proper Systems Installation
  • Reliable Systems Performance
  • Knowledgeable O&M Personnel

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Case Study: Chemistry Building Commissioning

The University of Rhode Island (URI) has a rapidly growing Chemistry Department. Over 6,000 students take chemistry each year and nearly 40% of all degree programs require at least one chemistry class. To accommodate this growth, URI has constructed a new $70 million, 134,623 square foot Chemistry Building. After having been selected as the commissioning agent for the new Hillside Residence Hall and Student Wellness Center, Hallam-ICS was chosen to be the commissioning agent for this highly visible and important project.

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Lessons Learned: Communication!

We all know the importance of time management.  Ineffective use of valuable time can turn a project into an un-profitable drain on a company’s budget.  So why don’t commissioning professionals just manage their time effectively and make every project a winner?

With so many members on every commissioning project who all have varying agendas, the best solution is to communicate at every possible opportunity.  This builds stronger relationships, saves time and produces more successful and profitable commissioning projects.

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Case Study: Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology

The Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology (CFN) is the region’s premier facility for advanced research, education and innovative public private partnerships in nanotechnology. The building has been recognized nationally and internationally with 2013 American and International Architecture Awards. The facility consists of four floors. Major science program components include a 10,000 GSF Characterization Suite with numerous large scanning and transmission electron microscopes (TEM), a 10,000 GSF cleanroom Fabrication Suite, and ten laboratory modules for optics and chemistry research. 

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Matt Reed

- Matt Reed

Commissioning Engineer

White Paper: Commissioning And V-Model

“Over the years, I have heard this question from several building Owners, Owner’s Project Managers, and building occupants:

If my building was commissioned, then why am I still
getting complaints from building occupants?

Although there are any number of possible answers to that question, I would like to focus more on what can be done so that question is no longer asked."

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ISO 9001:2015



Quality Management System complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the Commissioning scope of certification.

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“Based on your trouble-shooting skills and willingness/eagerness to help, we moved you on to working with PLC code to commission bioreactor phases. I know the amount of issues we identified with the code released to us is disheartening, but your contribution as part of the team has brought us to where we are in the schedule today. I've been impressed with the thoroughness of your testing abilities, the quickness in which you pick up on process knowledge, your commitment to work safely, and the commitment to quality and closure that you have shown. Please keep up the great work!"




- Project Manager 

Life Sciences Confidential Client

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