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Customized Project Management

What do most typical project plans have in common? They focus on the technical portion of the work without addressing customer service.  At Hallam-ICS, we recognize that your client experience is based upon our technical deliverable along with every interaction you have with our team. That’s why we’ve developed robust processes that support both technical implementation and customer service creating an exceptional client experience on every project. 

Your project plan and your experience with us is:

50% Technical     & 

Technical Quality: We ensure technical quality through ISO-9001, industry standards, regulations and best practices.

50% Relationships

Customer Service: CODESTM is our focused collaboration process that ensures both project quality and your satisfaction.

ISO-9001 and service companies: key principle of ISO-9001:2015 is to have a strong customer focus built into your business and processes.
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Industry Standards & Best Practices
GAMP5 is the industry standard for developing GxP compliant automated systems.  The V-Model provides a roadmap for design, installation and validation.
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Industry Codes & Regulations
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As professionals, it is incumbent on us to understand the relevant codes and industries' regulations and to offer solutions that exceed the minimum requirements.
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Your Code to Successful Projects






At the core of every Hallam-ICS project is CODES, a proven, collaborative approach.

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Understanding how the customer wants to be communicated with

The foundation to any successful relationship is communication.  There are many aspects to creating an effective communication strategy for a project.  It is about the what, when, who and how of information exchange.


Defining how decisions will be made on the project

How much oversight a client wants to have on the individual decisions on a project can range from “call me when you're done” to “let me know before you make any decisions.”  The level of oversight that a client wants to provide can vary based upon the criticality of the project, complexity of the technology, how clearly defined the scope is, and the personality of the client.




Agreeing on documentation and deliverables

Most clients have defined standards for their documentation.  Understanding how the client wants the project documentation developed and delivered at the outset of the project will lead to efficiencies during project execution and minimize rework at project close out or turnover.


Identifying the expectations of all stakeholders

This may be the most important part to creating a great customer experience.  Many projects begin with a written Scope of Work that neatly describes the technical objectives for the project; design a new chilled water system to support the requirements of new equipment or upgrade the automation system from a PLC-5 to a ControlLogix PLC.  The scope of work is typically written by the system engineer.  However, there are always many more stakeholders associated with the project and many expectations that have not been included in the Request for Proposal.




Establishing key dates and milestones

One key measure of project success is adherence to schedule.  Whether it is getting a manufacturing line running to meet product demand or completing construction for when students and researchers return to campus, meeting the project schedule is an essential element of every project we take on.  We’ll work with the client to develop a project schedule, but more importantly to understand what is driving the schedule and the key milestones to meet the schedule requirements.


Your Experience Matters!

We asked our clients how likely would they recommend Hallam-ICS?

9.4 out of 10


What Our Clients Are Saying:

What do you value about working with Hallam-ICS?

“Personable Team. Very deep knowledge. Collaborative.”

“Professionalism and willingness to work together has been terrific.”

“1. Communication.  2. Quality of work. I recommend Hallam-ICS highly.”

CODESTM: Engineering a Great Customer Experience

CODES is a methodology for Hallam-ICS staff to follow on all projects, bringing a higher level of consistency and improving the overall client experience.  CODES is  based upon five key elements of every project (Communication, Oversight, Documentation, Expectations, and Schedule).  We've developed this process to engage our clients in a dialog to create a customized project management plan that meets their specific needs on the project.  This process is applicable to all phases of a project, from proposal development and kick-off meetings to process review and project closeout.

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