Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems (TGMS)


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“Highly specialized company in United State of America in very dangerous gas distribution systems. They were recommended by an expert in the domain."

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McGill University, Canada

"Our team from Hallam-ICS is great at listening to what we want to achieve and recommending several appropriate solutions. They have a track record with gas cabinets, wafer manufacturing, toxic/LEL/O2 monitoring, and related systems like the ones they’ve completed for GLOBALFOUNDRIES and MIT. They can provide an initial walkthrough, conceptual guidance, engineering study, drawings, installation, and start up, or just one or more of those services, and assess codes and apply best practices specific to our application along the way.”

Russ Ellis, ETA Process Instrumentation

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At Hallam-ICS, we develop top-tier toxic gas monitoring systems (TGMS) to ensure semiconductor and nanotechnology facilities are safe and in compliance with all regulations. Our teams create reliable, secure, high-performance life safety systems and develop best practices that are easily adaptable to ever-changing research and manufacturing hazardous gas target requirements and allow your research and development to thrive in a safe facility. We have:

  • Trusted relationships with Cornell University, MIT, and GLOBALFOUNDRIES for high-stakes monitoring environments.
  • Engineers that are up to date with the latest code compliance knowledge, beginning with OSHA, NFPA, CGA, ICC, SEMI, SESHA and FM codes.
  • Decades of experience with the best TGMS gas detection technology for life safety systems, hazardous gas families, gas targets, system limitations, and cross sensitivities. 

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