Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems (TGMS)

Toxic Gas Monitoring

Inspired to Protect Your People, Facility, and Goals

At Hallam-ICS, our passionate engineers care about your staff, your facility, and your goals. Success for our team is a working relationship that makes your life easier by protecting those priorities with an industry-leading TGMS.

At Hallam-ICS, we develop top-tier toxic gas monitoring systems (TGMS) to ensure semiconductor and nanotechnology facilities are safe and in compliance with all regulations. Our teams create reliable, secure, high-performance life safety systems and develop best practices that are easily adaptable to ever-changing research and manufacturing hazardous gas target requirements and allow your research and development to thrive in a safe facility.

Core Toxic Gas Services

  • Toxic Gas Monitoring & Controls
  • Safety Shutdown Systems
  • Functional Systems

Our Expertise

  • Specs & Requirements Definition
  • System Architecture Development
  • Toxic Gas Matrix Development
  • Hardware & Software Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning & Start-up


  • Code Compliance
  • Proven Expertise
  • Trusted Partnerships

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Case Study: Safe, Reliable, and Compliant Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems

A leading-edge semiconductor manufacturer committed over $10 Billion to build their campus with a goal of becoming the largest foundry in the United States.  Construction of the new Fab was a significant undertaking with an aggressive schedule. To select a provider of the Toxic Gas Monitoring System (TGMS) for the site, several items were identified as being important.


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New Fab Toxic Gas Monitoring System
TGMS Design Requirements

White Paper: Fundamental Design Requirements of TGMS

The manner in which a “toxic gas monitoring, safety shutdown system” is designed, harmonized (hardware and software), validated and maintained will determine its ability to detect risks and automatically activate safety measures to avoid very dangerous situations. Read our whitepaper to  learn best practices based on years of studying codes, attending (SESHA) seminars, collaborating with other safety professionals and designing world class toxic gas monitoring systems.


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Webinar: 7 Reasons Why Toxic Gas Monitoring Systems and Fire Alarm Systems Should Communicate 

Whenever the subject of wiring or communicating between a TGMS and a FAS comes up, there are usually negative responses and concerns that these two systems should “talk” to each other.  However, once the subject is discussed thoroughly, it becomes clear that they should or need to communicate.

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Sample: Cleanroom Areas Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) Matrix

A poor SRS is the root cause of 44% of safety system problems. Download our Cleanroom Areas Safety Requirements Matrix now to learn more about safety requirement specifications.


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Cleanroom Safety Requirement Specification Matrix

- Jim Blais

Senior Engineer at Hallam-ICS, Retired

White Paper: Toxic Gas Monitoring System Design - 20 Years of Lessons Learned

"A TGMS designer should be motivated by the simple fact that many of its “gas targets” actually have no warning properties… yet they can quickly cause great harm and death. A good example of this being areas of oxygen deficiency. 

The following is a brief summary of some key lessons learned along the way, followed with a few more details, along with real experiences (true stories) shared, perhaps highlighting the challenges and the need to pay attention to the… details"


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“Highly specialized company in the United States of America in very dangerous gas distribution systems.  They were recommended by an expert in the domain.”

- from the Procurement Services of a leading Semiconductor Research Facility

Small Lab Toxic Gas Monitoring System Solution

The Hallam-ICS Small Lab TGMS panel with a panel mounted HMI is available starting at $15,000. We are bringing our experience to the smaller spaces in a price competitive manner while offering robust functionality found in larger systems.
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