Case Study: Analog Devices

Key design elements included space constraints at the existing site and a thorough knowledge of the relevant codes, including ANSI/CGA G-13 Storage and Handling of Si lane and Silane Mixtures.


Partial Project Team


Jim Blais, Senior Engineer 

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Mike-Lorenz-1.jpgMike Lorenz, Mechanical Engineer 

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Silane System Installation

Wilmington, MA


Analog Devices is a leader in the design and manufacturing of analog integrated circuits. Their success is rooted in a commitment to engineering excellence that is pervasive throughout their culture and carries over to the design and safety of their facilities. In order to accommodate a change in the delivery technology for their Silane sources, Analog Devices needed to upgrade and relocate their Silane storage and distribution system. Analog recognized that their commitment to excellence was equally important to Hallam-ICS and selected Hallam-ICS to join the design team.

The team quickly assembled key stakeholders and subject matter experts, including Analog facility engineers, equipment tool engineers, EH&S leaders, FM Global and the local City Fire Chief. Input from all parties was a crucial part of identifying the project requirements. Once these requirements were clearly defined, documented and agreed upon, different options were evaluated.


After all options were reviewed, a selection was made that met the key silane delivery and safety requirements of all stakeholders, including FM approved “damage limiting construction,” a UPS-powered, fail-safe control system and a secured storage bay. The final design helped to create a state of the art installation, which exceeds all of the pertinent safety codes and is consistent with Analog Devices commitment to excellence.

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