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We promote and value an environment that is supportive, trusting, and positive so that our employees really love their work, and in turn, produce the best service possible for clients.


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Recent Blogs
Confessions of a Control Engineer: Sometimes PID is Just Wrong

We’ve all seen it. You have a process that seems to defy your best attempts to control it.  Many times, it is because PID control is just the wrong way to go for your loop. This short blog addresses the loops that by the time you tune them to where they aren’t chasing themselves, they respond so slowly that they take forever to recover from a process upset.

Curling for a Cause

I am a curler!  That’s right, I admit it.  The first time I saw this sport was during the Olympics, and although it sucked me in for hours, I never thought I would actually try it.  But a few years ago, our own Brenda Rose invited several of us to go curling across the border in Canada for a day.  I had a great time!  Since then, I have made sure to be included in Brenda’s yearly curling gathering.  But playing a sport once a year does not make you an athlete in that sport.  That all changed this year thanks to the Howard Center.