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    Featured Application: Toxic Gas Monitoring

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We promote and value an environment that is supportive, trusting, and positive so that our employees really love their work, and in turn, produce the best service possible for clients.



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Replacing Your Obsolete Control System. Step 1 – Replace the SCADA

How can your operators effectively run your plant during an automation system conversion with a mix of old and new hardware and software?

When you plan and implement a complete automation system upgrade, the hardest part is keeping the plant running during the conversion. In most cases this is a multi-year project. It is fine to have a valve manually manipulated by a human over one

The 7 Steps to Complete an Arc Flash Analysis

My other posts describe the importance of an Arc Flash Analysis: how it saves lives and how to find the right information, however, what does an Arc Flash analysis really entail? It is important to understand the details behind-the-scenes of an arc flash analysis.