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Read why he started Hallam-ICS, and what being a "ski bum" had to do with it.
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"A favorite client recently said, 'You are not a cheap date, but you bring a lot to the dance.'"
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White Paper: Planning a PLC5 to ControlLogix Conversion

This white paper will provide you with a planning tool and some ideas that will help you to convert your Allen-Bradley PLC5 to ControlLogix.  It provides valuable information in these areas:

  • 3 Ways to Meet Your Budget
  • Custom Solutions to Further Reduce Costs
  • A Multi-Year Conversion Case Study


Download White Paper
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Recent Blogs
How To Properly Apply Pump Vibration Isolators

As engineers we often apply pump vibration isolators between piping and pumps in heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Sometimes we should apply these isolators, sometimes we should not and other times they are optional. This blog covers some concepts and guidelines about applying pump vibration isolators.

Five Steps to Etching a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

We all encounter things that have a way of mildly frustrating us.  Enough to bug us, but just not enough to go out of our way to correct.  It could be a sticky lock in desperate need of a spray of WD-40, a weed growing in the middle of the sidewalk, or a dusty tabletop.