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Read why he started Hallam-ICS, and what being a "ski bum" had to do with it.
Meet Julie Gruenholz
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"Don't be afraid of the PLC programmer. She is just translating your sequence of operations into a language that the machine understands.'"
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We will present you with a case of your favorite craft beer if you nominate a charity that wins our 2017 Hallam-ICS Community Service Award. $25,000 will be donated to 5 charitable organizations and 5 cases of excellent craft beer will be given away!

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Hallam-ICS Fantasy Football League Kicks Off Another Season!

At Hallam-ICS, we often talk about our great culture, and what company culture is complete without a competitive fantasy football league? For half the year, it provides fodder for water cooler talk, friendly rivalries, and even a reason to watch Browns games in December.

Why, In 2017, Are We Still Using Modbus?

Modbus communication protocol was developed in 1979, and almost 40 years later, it is still used on many industrial sites. It is pretty cool that this openly published, free, simple protocol has been adopted by so many manufacturers to exchange information. It passes 16-bit words over a network that can be formatted however the manufacturer sees fit (unsigned, signed, real), as long as the master and the slave device have agreed ahead of time what format the word(s) will take.