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Our founder's story
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Read why he started Hallam-ICS, and what being a "ski bum" had to do with it.
Meet Chuck Rainville
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My employment, at the time, brought the company to 6 people including the partners.  I now hold the honor of the longest current employment with Hallam-ICS of nearly 33 years.
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3 Ways To Complete An Arc Flash Assessment On A Limited Budget

Brought to you by leading arc flash specialist and electrical safety trainer, Scott King. Refresh your knowledge on arc flash basics, such as requirements, risks of non-compliance and cost drivers. Discover the 3 ways to minimize the cost of implementation and get answers to important questions.


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Webinar 3 ways to complete an arc flash assessment on a limited budget
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Where Have My Serial Ports Gone? A SLC5/05 To CompactLogix Solution.

For those of you who, like myself, have been in this automation game for a while, you may have noticed a steep decline in the availability of native serial ports on your PLC.  We have all of this fantastic Ethernet connectivity, of which I am a huge fan; but that doesn’t do me any good for all of the legacy stuff I still have to talk to.

Millions of Revolutions (the pedaling kind) In The Green Mountain State-Part 2

In my previous blog, I shared my quest to join the Vermont 251 Club.  While reading on internet sites about 251 Club members who had visited each town by bicycle, I learned about Joe Cook of Dummerston, Vermont. Joe, at a similar late 50’s age as I, completed his quest to ride his touring bike the full length of every paved road on the Vermont state highway map.