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Our founder's story
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Read why he started Hallam-ICS, and what being a "ski bum" had to do with it.
Meet Pete Niarchos
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I have filled a few roles while with Hallam including, Controls Engineer, Project Manager and Team Manager for the Control Panel Design & Build Team.
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Drives Symposium

Utilizing AC drives to increase efficiency and productivity in your machines and processes throughout your facility.

A full day technical session presented by Horizon Solutions, Rockwell Automation and Hallam-ICS.


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Drives Symposium
Recent Blogs
Relevance of Design Specifications in Contract Documents

“Specifications”, “Specs”, “the Project Manual”, the undying king of our A/E/C bookshelves, collecting dust long after the phone books, vendor catalogs, and dictionaries have quit. Does anybody still read these things (specifications)?

Repetitive Strain Injury And 4 Ways To Prevent It

The forearms are the work horses of the modern-day warrior. From texting to typing to clicking things on the internet we are constantly using the intricate muscles and tendons of the lower arm.  This modern 24/7 demand of our tissues has developed painful conditions known as a repetitive strain injury. These syndromes are the result of overuse and not taking the proper care of our hands and forearms.