Case Study: BYK USA, Inc.

Hallam-ICS’ specialists have an extensive hands-on experience with the design, installation, programming and validation of batch control systems.

Process Control System

Wallingford, CT


BYK USA Inc. has expanded their specialty chemical production operations by constructing a new, fully automated manufacturing facility. To meet customer demands, BYK stressed the importance of having a flexible system that could deliver a range of batch sizes and was able to easily facilitate recipe changes. To achieve these goals, BYK required that the process control system be designed and implemented in accordance with the S88 Batch Programming Standard.


Hallam-ICS was brought on to the project team to provide the required S88 design expertise for the process control system. Hallam-ICS was responsible for the design of the software, hardware, and networks required for system implementation including the following subsystems:

  • Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) and associated I/O
  • Batch Control System
  • Process and Alarm Data Historian
  • Network and Domain Systems
  • Reporting and Data Analysis Systems
  • Disaster Recovery Systems

Hallam-ICS took the requirements from BYK and designed a system to specifically meet the current objectives while also being flexible and scalable for future needs. The system includes 2,400 I/O points and utilizes the Rockwell Software PlantPAX platform.

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