My Hallam Story
Alex Stuart

Alex Stewart | Commissioning and Validation Team Leader

My Hallam story is short for now.  I gained a decent amount of technical background through working in submarine engineer rooms for about ten years.  I transitioned out of the navy and into a commissioning authority role in 2017, where I almost exclusively commuted by airplane to commission data centers.  All the travel started off great – I got to keep all the reward miles and points to myself and use them for my own personal use.  But then I slowly realized that with all the travel I was doing for work, the last thing I wanted to do with my time off is travel some more.  Then one day the president and CEO of Hallam-ICS reached out to me through social media to tell me about an exciting new opportunity that he had available.  Working in the data center industry, I was regularly contacted by recruiters, but never by the president and CEO.  That alone got my initial attention, everything else about the company kept it, and now I’m here.