My Hallam Story
Andy Doe

Andy Doe | Senior Mechanical Engineer

My Hallam story began back in the late 90’s.  I was employed at IBM and involved in the 973 fab base build project.  This project removed all the tools out of the building and installed all new tools while keeping the fab running.  It was analogous to changing the tires on a car as it is going down the road at 60 MPH.  What a job.  Most of the building systems had significant improvements and the planning community kept changing the tool types and quantities that needed to go back in.  It was constant churn.  It was there that I met Scott King.  Scott was in the trailers always busy pulling his hair out trying to keep a clear scope and direction in a constantly changing environment.  He succeeded on all fronts, including the hair, and I gained a great deal of respect for the Hallam team on that project.

From that point on, I had a sweet spot for Hallam.  Over the years I was privileged to work with members of that original team on other projects in various capacities.  Kara Becker came to join the Fab Layout and Conceptual Design team at IBM.  Joe Mastro designed modular pump racks, gas panel solutions, and chemical floor boxes for my installations at IBM while leading the design team at NEHP.

I re-engaged with Hallam-ICS in 2014.  I needed a controls solution for the AnC Bio Facility.   It was beyond the typical Vermont BMS.  Thanks to Tim Potvin at VHV, We had a handle on the HVAC controls, but there were a lot of holes in the design that was provided.  Keith Flaherty and Peter Niarchos came to the table with a comprehensive solution to fill all the design gaps, fully integrate all the sub systems and provide one comprehensive solution.  I could not have been happier.  A Vermont company, owned by Vermonters, doing work in Vermont!  This never happens.  It is too good to be true.

 So when Jeff Silcox called and wanted some help with a project that was a little out of the comfort zone, I was all ears.  Hallam-ICS’s established place in the semi and bio-pharm segment coupled with the excellent resources and willingness to grow made it irresistible for me.

The rest is future history!


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