My Hallam Story

Annette Delphia | Accounting Associate

In 1994 my daughter Amanda was born. I needed to be a working mom but, the job I had at the time in retail wasn’t a good fit.   I wanted a position that would utilize my college degree in Business Administration so I started sending out resumes.  When I mentioned my job search to my older sister she said, “I’m temping at a great place right in South Burlington and they are looking for a receptionist.”  I gave her my resume and I started working at Hallam-ICS shortly after.

My daughter is now all grown up and over the last couple of decades, as the company grew, my receptionist job changed into several different positions. I ended up finding myself right at home, settled into the Accounting Department. My love of numbers made this a great fit for me.

This company and I share a lot of history. I hope that I have had as much of an impact on its identity as it has had on mine.


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