My Hallam Story
Bobby Catucci

Base Office: Middletown, CT


MEP Engineering

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Bobby Catucci | Mechanical Designer

After spending 2 years at a Community college with no major or plan for my future, I decided to change paths and start a career working in construction. As I attended vocational school at night for plumbing my teacher mentioned the construction company he worked for during the day was hiring. When I decided to apply at the company I was already working at night and going to school, but I knew I could not pass up this opportunity to start my career. I spent my last 8 years working two jobs, and growing my career as a plumber from apprentice, to journeymen, and eventually a foreman. As exciting and fulfilling as my job was I saw myself working my life away with strenuous hours, and back breaking work. I knew I needed a change in my life, but I had no direction of a future besides what I was already doing.

I mentioned one night to my brother, that I needed a change of pace in my life. That is when he told me about Hallam. I saw the excitement he had when talking about the company that I had never seen from him before. I was very intrigued with the company as a whole, but also I saw a different future for myself that I was very excited about. I was very nervous to get out of my comfort zone and make a career change, but after I sat with Jamie for my first interview and listened to everything this company strives for and believes in, I saw a clear vision of a future for myself here at Hallam.

Being part of the Hallam team I am see the idea there is more to life then just work. I love that Hallam is dedicated to producing excellent work, but also cares about the employees that are producing that work. I am very proud to say I work for Hallam.