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2017 Community Service Award Video Contest

In 2017 we were offering a free case of craft beer to whoever nominated the winners of the 2017 Community Service Awards.

Brent Weigel, PhD | Senior Project Manager

Part of the Vermont office team, Brent is a mechanical and civil engineer with expertise in design, research, and commissioning. He has a passion for helping clients and collaborators achieve their highest potential for project delivery and building performance. Brent is experienced in designing mechanical building systems, performing detailed energy simulations and calibrated modeling, and commissioning of the high performance buildings.

"Finding the right fit is one of the most satisfying experiences in business and in life. Before coming to Hallam-ICS, I was looking for an opportunity to do more design engineering, more project management with multi-disciplinary teams, and to work more with industrial clients. I had learned gradually over the course of my career that organizational culture is one of my greatest work life concerns, and that culture is fundamental to an organization’s success[1].

Before I joined Hallam-ICS, I was pretty sure that the organization could be a good fit. For instance, I knew that the firm had several positive, long-term relationships with industrial clients, and I knew at least one employee that is an avid cyclist like myself. Like most big changes in life, it usually takes some time to really know how relationships will form and how, “things will work out.” Fortunately, when I started at Hallam-ICS, it didn’t take long to find the fit.

On my first day on the job, I was sent out for a site visit for a potential new project with a local manufacturing client that the firm had worked with before. This assignment signaled to me right away that I was trusted, that I had autonomy, and that I could build on the foundation of the firm’s positive relationships with local industry. I had the opportunity to put together a proposal with a partner consulting firm and we were fortunate to win the project. From day one, it was great to find the right fit with a client, a partner firm, and my employer – Hallam-ICS."

[1] I encourage anyone to check-out some of the interesting research and media coverage on this subject:


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