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cassie mallabar

Base Office: Apex, NC


Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

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Cassie Mallabar | Electrical Engineer

Unlike many other engineers, I didn’t always know I wanted to be one. My interests pulled me in many different directions, from reading and art to science and math, and at 17, I had no idea how to choose. What I did decide early on is that I wanted to make a difference in the world. I started off at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Wildlife Conservation Biology, where a renewable energy club lead me to Environmental Engineering at the University of Vermont. I finally settled on Electrical Engineering my sophomore year, joining my grandfather, father, and older brother in the tradition of Mallabar EE’s. I ultimately chose electrical so I could learn about power systems and renewables, something I found interesting and knew that I could make a difference in.

My Hallam story, however, starts with a mechanical engineering internship. In the summer of 2019, I got an internship with Bill Neuberger and his mechanical group. Meeting Bill at a career fair and my interview process with Brent Weigel made me want this internship even though I wasn’t an ME. It was an industry I hadn’t thought of as an option before and I wanted to learn more about it. Throughout my internship, I learned a ton of engineering skills like Revit, AutoCAD, and reading MEP plans. But I also learned valuable life skills, like how to communicate with other engineers, coworkers, and clients. The best thing I got from the internship though was confidence. Because of my late start to engineering and a myriad of other reasons, I hadn’t felt like I truly belonged in engineering yet. Meeting and hearing the stories of the other engineers at Hallam as well as being able to learn and pick things up quickly  during my internship helped me realize that as long as I work hard I could excel at any job.

When I started to look for jobs for after graduation, I knew I wanted to work at a place like Hallam. I loved the small company energy, the social mission, and the way I was treated when I was there. When Bill told me about the position with the Arc Flash team I knew I wanted to interview for it. Not only was Hallam the type of company I wanted to work for, but electrical safety was just what I needed to fulfill my need of making a difference and improving lives. Brian, Scott, and Jason confirmed that this is the job I wanted in my interviews with their laid-back and fun attitudes while still focusing on the importance of their work. In the spring of 2020, amid the confusion and uncertainty that the Corona-virus brought, I accepted the position of Electrical Engineer with the Arc Flash and Electrical Safety group at Hallam. This was a ray of hope in my world of trouble shooting remote learning, a halted senior design project, and a cancelled traditional graduation ceremony.  Although my on-boarding process has been different than what I ever imagined, I am excited to start my time here at Hallam. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming, and I look forward to continually learning, improving, and making a difference here!


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