My Hallam Story
Eric Fagerman

Base Office: Apex, NC


MEP Engineering

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Eric Fagerman | Senior Mechanical Designer

I’ve spent the last 15 years as a process engineer in a plant environment. My main focus was surface finishing: electroplating, physical vapor deposition, powder coating in both functional and decorative applications. I’ve never said no to learning something new. I have spent the better part of this last year working with automated assembly equipment.

As a process engineer you are not solely responsible for one discipline of engineering you are responsible for all aspects of engineering. What is not obvious in the job description is you are also responsible for facilities, maintenance, operations, supervision, finance, and though not directly listed in the job description part time psychologist and therapist for some production associates. Whatever it takes to keep the production ball rolling. Squeezing in engineering projects in between putting out fires on the production floor. It can be a fast paced and demanding work schedule. Many times being called on outside of the typically perceived work week. Heavily weighting my time towards work on the work-life balance scale.

I was introduced to Hallam-ICS through a former coworker and colleague Dan Laird. At the time I was not necessarily looking for a new job but was keenly aware my current work schedule was not sustainable long term. Dan told me they were looking for a “field savvy” engineer and asked if I would be interested in hearing more about Hallam. I thought, if nothing else, it would be good to catch up with an old friend and possibly get a free lunch. During our lunch I was able to meet Chris Giusto and learn more about what exactly Hallam-ICS was all about. It was not like any interview I had ever been a part of. After the three of us spent an hour nerding out about engineering and sharing life experiences I knew Hallam-ICS was a place I could see myself working. They invited me to come in and meet a few more of the North Carolina team and I was sold. It also helped that the office was only two miles from my house.


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