My Hallam Story
Ian Moldovan.png

Ian Moldovan | Mechanical Engineer

After graduating from Clarkson University with a bachelor of science in mechanical and aeronautical engineering, I quickly moved away from my life-long home in Vermont to work at a large company based out of Atlanta. The company treated me well, but I soon realized that the job didn’t require applying the engineering skillset that I had gained in school. The second thing I soon realized was that there really wasn’t any good skiing in Atlanta.

After a few years on the job, I was ready for a change of career to something more technically-demanding so that I could finally put those 4 years of engineering school to good use. And wouldn’t it also be nice if I could find a technical job located closer to home/ driving distance to skiing? This is where Hallam came into play. I learned about the company through word of mouth and decided to do some online research - what I found looked like I had hit the jackpot.

While interviewing with Bill Neuburger and Jeff Silcox I really got the impression that this company was different. The interviews were less like interviews and more like regular conversations. I got the impression that Hallam leadership cares about their employees, and in return, their employees care about Hallam-ICS. This has proven to hold true since I have been working for Hallam out of their Massachusetts office - Hallam takes care of their employees and everyone enjoys and takes pride working for Hallam. I look forward to many years of continuous learning and professional development that are in my future here at Hallam.