My Hallam Story

Base Office: Mansfield, MA


MEP Engineering

White Paper DC to AC Conversion

Jamie Spalding |Engineering Service Line Leader

Jamie has been with Hallam-ICS since 2008 and leads the Mechanical Engineering Group in Southern New England from Mansfield, MA and Middletown, CT offices.

"From a Junior Mechanical Engineer to a Company Owner in 8 short years, but that’s the boring part.

In August 2007 I was on the move, changing states, changing jobs, and growing my family. I took an offer from Jeff Silcox, Regional Manager at Hallam-ICS to be a junior mechanical engineer working out of the Massachusetts office. Soon I was honing my HVAC, Mechanical, and plumbing Skills working on varied projects from small laboratory renovations to whole building mechanical upgrades.

At the time of my hiring, Hallam-ICS was 40% employee owned, and after 5 years I was vested and owned part of the company, although I never referred to or thought of myself as an owner. In November of 2015, Hallam-ICS became 100% employee owned, and the feeling of being an owner really came true. As I said though, that’s the boring part.

The real story I want to tell you is that of mentorship. Hallam-ICS set forth a plan for mentoring that included professional and personal growth and then they executed it. My mentors included Company Founder Dave Hallam, Sr. Mech. Engineer William Neuburger, and Jeff Silcox. After a few years of solid leadership and technical guidance I was well on to my journey and started picking up staff of my own to mentor.

Hallam-ICS is a company I am proud to represent. Their commitment to community and employees is second to none. Their dedication to quality and service to the customer is without question. When people ask, I always tell them I’m a Hallam-ICS employee for life."