My Hallam Story

Base Office: South Burlington, VT


MEP Engineering

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Jill LaMothe | Senior CAD Designer

The first time I came to Hallam was in the summer of 1990.  I was hired as a temporary employee for the summer to help finish out a contract. My background at the time was with a drafting board and CADAM, a system that IBM used. I had no experience with AutoCAD or the AEC industry. I learned a lot just in those few months.

The second time I came to Hallam was in 1994. When I saw an ad for a CAD position at Hallam Associates (their name at the time), I jumped at the chance and started 3 weeks later.

In March of 2002 I was part of a layoff. I had only been back from maternity leave for about 2 months. I took advantage of the new found time off and I spent the summer with my daughter, sort of looking for a job. The hard part was trying to find a company like Hallam to work for.

Luckily when things picked up at Hallam they called me back.  In August 2002 I came back to Hallam for the third time. Being the company that they are, they agreed to let me return 4 days a week in order to continue spending more time with my daughter.

Over the years at Hallam I have gone from Basic AutoCAD version 9 to AutoCAD MEP 2017, learning Revit, drafting of HVAC, piping, plumbing and electrical systems, setting up projects and implementing standards, customizing AutoCAD software for our standards and documenting those standards.

It’s hard to believe that I have been here for more than 20 years but then again it’s not. Hallam has been through many changes in that time. We have moved twice, up sized, down sized, transitioned from Dave Hallam as President to Keith Flaherty, expanded offices into other states and became a full ESOP company. All the while, the core values of this company have not changed. The people here matter, family matters, community matters. Hallam is very different than companies I worked for oh so many years ago. The first time I heard Dave Hallam say, “We work to live not live to work” it stuck with me and I knew this is where I wanted to be for as long as they would have me.