My Hallam Story
Jim Charbonneau

Base Office: South Burlington, VT


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Jim Charbonneau | Senior Control Systems Engineer

I have been in the Controls field for a little over 30 years now, for a few different companies. I have traveled- literally- around the world for work. This business has given me the opportunity to see things I never would have on my own. Mexico, Russia, Germany, South Korea, China, Italy, and Saudi Arabia all have at least a little piece of me controlling industrial equipment in their borders.

Joining Hallam-ICS has been a breath of fresh air.  The culture here – community involvement, teamwork, employee-ownership – are more than buzzwords, they are lifestyles. Hallam’s commitment to work-life balance is a great fit for me. I am lucky to be doing work that I enjoy tremendously, and even luckier to be at a place that also values me and my family as people.

I find the wide variety of customers and needs very refreshing.  No chance of getting bored doing the same old thing here!