My Hallam Story
John-Michael Taylor

Process Control and Plant Automation

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John-Michael Taylor | Senior Controls Engineer

John-Michael  has left Hallam-ICS to pursue other endeavors; while with Hallam he shared this, "About 10 years ago I was working for a Biotech company in the Connecticut River Upper Valley in New Hampshire.  I was an automation engineer and although I had been heavily involved in hardware and software design as an electrical engineer, I was relatively new to the “Automation” world.  During my tenure there, I worked with many outside contractors and engineers that my company would hire; these outside contractors were hired to handle a lot of technical heavy lifting, and also to support times when we simply needed additional engineering and automation support.  Hallam was one of the companies that was very involved in the support roles during that time.  It always struck me that the Hallam engineers, technicians, and project managers were across the board very creative and intelligent. They were hard chargers.  But they also liked to joke and laugh and get weird.  So naturally when I began looking to move back into the industry, I contacted the people with whom I had come to really enjoy working.  I have worked in many and varied industries in the engineering field, and with a very diverse set of people over the years.  The people from Hallam are some of the best that I have encountered..."