My Hallam Story

Jon McClain | Process Controls Engineer

As a controls engineer, I thought that I could never escape the world of last-minute emergencies or months of travel at a time.  While thinking through how I wanted to proceed with my career, I was contacted by Keith Flaherty, CEO of Hallam-ICS.  We spoke candidly, and I quickly noticed that Hallam was different than any company I had experienced.  After admitting that I had doubts about continuing in controls, they carved out a new and creative position that I could not refuse.  On my first day, one of my new coworkers told me, “Companies say that they care about their employees, but Hallam really does care.”  I soon found a new sense of purpose and autonomy in my work, due to Hallam’s ability to put people first.  Our deep commitment to customers, employees, and the community shows that there are better ways to do this whole business thing, and I’m glad I’m in on it. 


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