My Hallam Story
Julie Montenegro

Base Office: Malta, NY


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Julie Montenegro | Purchasing Agent

As I read through all the various ways people have come to work at Hallam, I notice that none are quite like mine.  Even though I am just beginning my career at Hallam, I feel as though I have been a part of the “family” for years.  My husband, Kristian, started with Hallam in 2014 and has always carried this sense of pride when mentioning working at Hallam.  Throughout the years, I heard about various things that Hallam does as a company.  From Hallam Service Day, helping other organizations, the Hallam Challenge, healthy competition between co-workers, and even the motto “work to live, not live to work” are only a small glimpse of things that Hallam does that amazed me.  I was secretly jealous of where he worked and wished I could find a place just a great as Hallam.

When the Purchasing Agent position came open, Kristian mentioned it to me and said, “Why don’t you apply?”  I thought about it briefly but said, “Nah, I am happy where I am at, and I am not sure I have the right qualifications they are asking for.”  Fast forward a few months and the position was still open.  Kristian mentioned to me, “We still haven’t found someone to be the purchasing agent.  Why don’t you just apply and see where it goes?”   I thought hard about where I was in my career, what job I was currently at and where I envisioned myself to be,; Hallam was where my thoughts always ended. I kept thinking about all the wonderful things I was told about Hallam throughout the years.  I saw myself at a company that values each and every employee and makes sure the employee feels this value.  A company that extends beyond its own doors to help in the communities in which it resides.  I decided at that moment, Hallam was where I wanted to be.