My Hallam Story
Kaitlin Slatterty

Base Office: Apex, NC


Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

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White Paper: 8 Steps to Create an Electrical Safety Program


Kaitlin Slattery | Electrical Designer

After graduation from UNC Charlotte with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, I began searching for a company that I would feel at home at. I wanted a casual, friendly environment where people like to collaborate and help each other out, and to be able to feel like the work I'm doing is important. Hallam checked all those boxes for me. I remember coming in for my interview feeling nervous, but everyone I talked to was very friendly and put me at ease. It was emphasized that work life balance was important here, which was something that wasn't talked about in other interviews I had. There was a dog in the office that day and, being a dog lover myself, that was a plus! Although my Hallam journey is just beginning, I am very optimistic and excited to work with all of the amazing people in the NC office.


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