My Hallam Story
Keith Allen

Base Office: Mansfield, MA


MEP Engineering

White Paper DC to AC Conversion

Keith Allen|Project Manager

Growing up in the Southern California desert town of Lancaster, I was regularly exposed to the latest technology in military aircraft. The proximity to Edwards Air Force Base and the R&D branches of the major players in military aircraft technology drove a desire to someday work in that field. After earning my degree in Mechanical Engineering, I took a job in the defense sector. It was a wonderful experience that ended in getting laid off and some time unemployed. I got back to work but ended up in the Oil and Gas industry. After working for a number of years I decided to evaluate where I was and where I wanted to go with life. I left my job with a plan to spend some time off before going back to work. This break, unfortunately, was extended due to the outbreak of Covid-19. After six more months I managed to land a job that I liked but was not necessarily what I was looking for.

In early 2022 I was working as a Project Manager for a small packaged-equipment company that serves mainly the Bio-Pharma sector. I got a notification through Linked-in that a friend had recently reached his one-year anniversary at his current job. I had worked with him during my years in the oil and gas industry, but I hadn’t been following his employment since too closely, so I decided to check out the company he was working for in Massachusetts. When I opened up the company website I was greeted with his smiling face. After teasing him a bit over this I asked him what the company did. We talked a bit and he informed me that there was an open position for a Project Manager that would be working very closely with him and that I should apply. I met with Jamie Spalding and was impressed with the company and the position they were offering. Two things should be noted, I was living in Southern California, and I only had 18 months experience with the Bio-Pharma sector. The confidence shown during my interviews were enough to convince me to make one of the biggest leaps of my life. I am proud to say I am a part of Hallam-ICS. Special thanks to Kosuke Fujiwara.

Since joining the company it has been an exciting challenge developing relationships, both in the company and with the clients, and learning the job. I am continually impressed with the level of talent and willingness to support one another within this company. I look forward to sharing my experience and talents with those around me to continue to help the company grow and succeed.