My Hallam Story
Mary Beth Bouvier

Mary Beth Bouvier | Office Manager

Wow – where to start?  First, I’m thrilled to be part of the Hallam family, and that is what it feels like, a family.  Hallam is full of supportive, positive, honest, eclectic, hard-working individuals who make up a strong company.  Having grown up in South Burlington VT and returning to the same community to raise my family, I had met several people over the years who work at Hallam.  You know how when you first meet someone and you inevitably ask about where they work, you usually get the name of the company and not much more?  Each time I met a different person that worked for Hallam, I found they always said so much more and almost gushed at how great a place it is to work.  Most of these individuals have been through thick and thin with Hallam over the years and still love it.  The leadership, from Dave Hallam to Keith Flaherty is unique and special; a positive, roll-up-your-sleeves and pitch in style.

As I was raising my children and meeting these individuals, I was very happy in a position working from home, for SchoolSpring, Inc. (an original VT owned/operated internet company) which offered me wonderful growth potential and flexibility.  I was thrilled to have a job with owner/bosses that respected my talents, ideas, and that really cared about people. Unfortunately, after more than 12 years with SchoolSpring I found myself needing to find another job because the owners were retiring and sold the company to an out of state buyer who was not interested in telecommuters. 

I found a position in Human Resources at The University of Vermont and was able to take advantage of their tuition remission for one of my three children.  Going from such a small, supportive environment where everyone was invested in the well-being and growth of the company to such a large organization like UVM was a bit of a culture-shock.  It provided me with a lot of professional growth and I learned so much; however after 4 ½ years I was already burnt out.  I began to look for other opportunities and went on a few interviews, but nothing I was too excited about.  Then one day this spring an advertisement for popped up on my computer for an Office Manager position and I saw “Hallam-ICS” – that was all I needed to see.  I immediately contacted a friend, who has worked at Hallam for many years to find out if there was anything I should know about why the position was open.  He immediately supported my application for the job and hand-delivered it to the HR Coordinator.  I knew immediately in my first interview that it would be a good fit for me; I felt so comfortable and able to be myself and found it an integrity-based, positive, and supportive environment. I am thankful that the hiring committee also felt I was a good fit for them.

I am thrilled to be part of the Hallam-ICS team!

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