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Base Office: South Burlington, VT


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Mary Beth Bouvier | HR Generalist

I began working at the VT office of Hallam-ICS, as the Office Manager, in August 2019.  Coming from a job in HR at a University, where there were a lot of politics involved in the everyday life of doing business, I found Hallam-ICS to be a breath of fresh air!  I immediately felt at home and was given autonomy in my job, responsibility, encouragement, and trust.

From the start, there were many projects to coordinate in our five different offices, from renovations, to moves, to implementing a first ever HRIS for Hallam-ICS.  So much going on, yet the stress in my life was less than ever because of the support I was given.  After two years as Office Manager, I was promoted to HR Generalist and became a manager of two.  As I sit in this role and think about how much more I want to do to help this company to continue to succeed and grow employee engagement, I feel encouraged and hopeful.  I look forward to coming to work every day, knowing I have the opportunity to make a difference. 

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