My Hallam Story
Reuben Stier

Reuben Stier | Quality Control-Office Treats

I am always excited to come work at Hallam-ICS.  It is such a friendly, fun and tasty environment.  My focus on quality control of office treats is my dream job.  Being a Standard Poodle, I naturally have very discerning tastes and I often must reject certain treats if they don’t meet my high standards.  Thankfully, everybody at Hallam-ICS understands the importance of quality and continuous improvement. My opinions are always received with a smile. 

My typical day starts with a car pool ride to work with my best friend, Allan.  He always drives, so I get to check out the beautiful Vermont scenery from the back window.  When we get in, the first thing I do is make the rounds and say good morning to all the early crew and often do my first treat reviews with Pam or Jill.  There is a short lull in my morning while I wait for reception to open so I can visit Mary Bath and Jennifer for my  second round of treat inspections.  After that, I settle in to my shared office with Allan for a nice nap before our lunch time run along the recreation path adjacent to the office which has more great views of Mount Mansfield.  After the run, it’s back to work product testing with Casey, Kate, Leah and Donna in accounting.  It’s common to get sleepy after lunch.  Lucky for me, I have the only job in the company that includes an afternoon nap as a job requirement. I take this responsibility seriously and snooze solidly until I hear the familiar sounds of my car pool driver packing up to head home.