My Hallam Story

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Robert Chase | Process Controls Engineer

My story is about how I joined the Hallam Team. It started when I met Jamie Godbout at my previous place of employment. At the time, I was only a year or so out of college and still living with my parents (I know, I know, but hey – I saved on rent!). I came to know that Jamie’s wife Debbie was just starting out in the real-estate business and she asked if I was looking for a house. The three-plus hours of commuting daily from my parent’s house were taxing so, with Debbie’s help, I began to search for a home. After looking at several houses, the one that I really liked was right around the corner from where Jamie and Debbie lived so I thought, “Why not be neighbors?”

Jamie left the company shortly thereafter to work for Hallam. I was working in the validation department at my previous company and looking for a career path adjustment that offered new challenges. One night, while at Jamie’s house enjoying some home-smoked BBQ food (and a few beers…), I mentioned that I was ready for a new professional challenge. At the time, Jamie had completed the installation part of a project at a batch-process plant, located in Connecticut, and was into the start-up phase. He asked if I would be interested in helping with the start-up and learning about integration and controls. I thought it would be a great opportunity to work in a highly technical and challenging field. After the formal interview and job offer process, I accepted the job and started in June of 2014.

Since then, Jamie has moved to North Carolina to support the integration department for Hallam, out of the NC office (plus enjoy the lack of New England winter weather!). I moved to Middletown, CT in July of 2015 and operate out of our new office in town. I continue to provide support for integration and controls for CT and surrounding area.


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