My Hallam Story
Roman Rehak

Base Office: South Burlington, VT


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Roman Rehak | Senior Software Engineer

My Hallam story started about three years ago when I got a phone call from the president to provide references for a friend/former coworker. We had a long chat and I learned about how Hallam operates, the company philosophy and the concept of employee-owned company.  That conversation left me with a great impression of Hallam. Later at various social events I met more Hallam employes and they all had a lot of good things to say. In October of 2022 I had an opportunity to lend my expertise and help with a performance tuning project. Later Hallam created an opening on the Manufacturing Intelligence team and my skillset was a match for the position. I was excited to join for several reasons. I have wanted to do more business intelligence work for a while, this position includes more programming than I did on my previous jobs, and after being in a very corporate environment for years I was happy about going to a smaller and unique company. I worked as a consultant for many years and really enjoyed interacting with customers, building solutions for them, and delivering custom software and databases. On this job I am working not only with the company customers, but working on internal projects to deliver tools, reports, and whatever else is needed internally for the company. That provides a great variety of projects, having to learn new technologies or brush up on the old ones to maintain some legacy tools. Everybody here I met has been very friendly and welcoming. Hallam is a unique place that operates very efficiently, there is total transparency from the management, and I do feel that the employees come first.