My Hallam Story
Ryan Pinckney

Base Office: Middletown, CT


MEP Engineering

White Paper DC to AC Conversion

Ryan Pinckney | Mechanical Designer

During my two years at Western New England University, I was constantly changing my major and had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Instead of wasting my time and money bouncing ideas around of what to do I reached out to a family member who was a licensed HVAC technician and decided to leave out of college and enroll in trade school at night. After school was over, I immediately started working for a commercial HVAC company and eventually got my D-2 HVAC license. I worked for several companies Installing HVAC systems and working on the service side of things. After ten years of field work, I ran into a old friend who mentioned Hallam ICS and how great the company is. After starting with Hallam ICS, I understand everything he was explaining to me. The company is easily one of the best companies I’ve worked for whether it’s the employee-owned aspect or just the fact they truly care about everyone. It’s a good feeling knowing you work for a company that means what they say.