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Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

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2018 Community Service Award Video Contest

It's 2018 and our employees are cooking with beer to inspire you to nominate a charitable organization for the Hallam-ICS Community Service Award and for you to win a gift certificate for a case of your favorite beer!


2017 Community Service Award Video Contest

In 2017 we were offering a free case of craft beer to whoever nominated the winners of the 2017 Community Service Awards 

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Shawn Costa | Senior Electrical Designer

After graduating from a vocational high school, where half of my time was spent in the classroom and the other half in the electrical shop, my professional career began as a residential electrician. While the work was exciting, challenging, and always a change of scenery, I craved more. Lucky for me, I was able to drastically cut my hours and go to college full time while retaining my current job as an electrician. After college, I was able to land a position with an engineering firm, working primarily in healthcare. Fast forward just over ten very fulfilling years, I had that craving again. Now settled in, married with children, I took a long hard look at my career path and decided it was time for a change.

My past employment faced me with many difficult and challenging projects, and I wanted my new venture to continue in the same vein. So where does one go to find such a place? The answer, Google! I initially found Hallam-ICS through searching the internet only to find that they did some toxic gas monitoring on a project I worked on not long ago. Extremely impressed by the company website and client list, I decided to email my resume. Not too long after that, a phone interview led to a face-to-face interview, which led to an offer letter. After inquiring further information about the company itself, its goals, and its future, the decision became clear.

Hallam-ICS is a company that I am proud to be a part of. The knowledgeable team, complexity of work, attention to detail, and culture of Hallam-ICS is what I craved. I enjoy the challenges I encounter and contributing to the success of Hallam-ICS.