My Hallam Story

Spencer Lambert | Instrumentation & Controls Technician

"Goodnyou? Nottoobadnyou? Cantcomplainnyou?"

Upon moving from Down Under to Vermont, I was greeted with these hard to understand phrases and had to quickly fine tune my ears from the Australian, ‘G’day mate’ slang to the Vermont, ‘Allinoneword’ slang. Not such an easy feat!

With my wife being a native Vermonter we decided to move (back) to the US, with our small family of 3 (now 4), from Australia in 2014.

With my background as a qualified electrician in Australia, I have worked in a variety of diverse industries including oil and gas, construction, and industrial plants, which have been great experiences.  Eventually, I found myself interested in following the path of controls.

For me, getting the chance to work at Hallam-ICS has been a great experience. I started in 2015 and have been warmly accepted into the Hallamite community since day one!

Not only are the people great to work with, but the projects I have been involved with have been engaging, which I enjoy, keeping me constantly learning both in the field and in the office.