My Hallam Story
Steve Chase

Base Office: Malta, NY


Process Control and Plant Automation

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Steve Chase | Instrumentation and Controls Technician

I have always looked for opportunities that allow me to keep learning new things. I had worked as a construction electrician for about 5 years, then joined the team at a paper mill as a maintenance electrician. That opportunity allowed for continued education into the field of plc’s, controls, and instrumentation. That opportunity is what led me to Hallam back in 2013, joining the Malta, NY team when it was just starting out. At that time, I worked with the NY team on the Global Foundries TGMS system, and on a few other projects with the VT team as well. I found the work suited to my designs for attention to detail, it was rewarding to build things of such good quality and be involved with upgrading systems.

Unfortunately, another opportunity arose that took me away from Hallam for some time. I went to work at a chemical plant and was able to learn more about classification areas and construction methods for them. That job did not offer much more in the aspect of continued education though. It did lead me to another opportunity in the mining industry. I worked in the mining industry as an industrial electrician for about 5 years in all aspects of installation, networks, plc’s, controls, and instrumentation. The facilities were quite spread out and it was an interesting process to learn about. The facilities were also quite outdated, so it presented a lot of opportunities for repairs, upgrades, and improvements. The opportunity to keep learning and continuing education had not presented itself over those years but I found the work I did complete to be rewarding. Putting into practice things I had learned from my experience at Hallam. Building several panels that met all the necessary requirements, showing that organization new ways of doing things, helping to get them out of that rut of “it doesn’t have to be right, it just has to work” way of thinking.

Luckily, I had kept in touch with Aaron Groom over the years after I had left Hallam on both a personal and professional level. When the opportunity arose to rejoin the team here at Hallam I was instantly interested. Our discussions led me to make the move back to Hallam, I knew it would be a good fit for me, as it was before. The office has grown and so had I. The work is good, the opportunity for continuing education is good, and of course I knew the people would be good. That was what I had remembered from my past experience, the people I worked with were great. I enjoy being part of a team that works together and communicates so well, striving to do better all the time. Also, Hallam’s strong social mission and respect for family values it was an easy choice to come back to the team. Given my exposure to several aspects of industry I feel I can be an integral part of the team.