My Hallam Story

Steve Comeau | Sr. Manufacturing Intelligence Developer

My Hallam story is one of frequent change and evolution; one where I have learned new skills, evolved with the changes of the marketplace, and I have tried to keep up with changes in technology.

I started my career with Hallam in January 1996 as a DI Water Technician.  I worked solely at IBM for two years on a major DI Water System upgrade. In 1998 I made the change to Controls Specialist in the Controls System Integration group and continued to work primarily at IBM. At this time I also began working on databases and started taking courses at Champlain College in computer programming.

In the spring of 2000 I transferred to work for what became the Hallam Software division, working mainly on application development. This division ceased to exist by the end of 2002, and I went back to the Controls Systems Integration Group, led by Ray Racine at that time.  Here I worked mainly in SCADA and database projects.

By 2004 Hallam-ICS was developing more business in the Pharma sector, and I worked on projects for testing, documentation development, and some database work.  Slowly over the years I developed more database and reporting skills and began to focus as much as possible on developing the data and reporting side of the controls business.

By 2010, as demand for database work increased, my focus was almost exclusively on database development. By January 2016 I became a Senior Business Intelligence Developer, working on SQL databases, Historian databases, reports, and developing that sector of the controls business.  In July of 2016 Hallam-ICS hired another database programmer and therefore doubled the Business Intelligence capability in the Vermont office.

As is true with the success of Hallam, so is true with being a valuable and relevant employee. It is crucial to be malleable and ever growing; keeping up with changes in the industry. My future plans are to continue to learn new technology, improve methods, and evolve to meet the needs of our clients.

In my free time you will find me enjoying the outdoors, cycling, hiking, kayaking and tenting; often in the beautiful Lakes Region of northern Maine.


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