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Tom Marshall

Base Office: Mansfield, MA

Process Control and Plant Automation


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Tom Marshall | Instrumentation & Controls Technician

I began working in the Instrumentation field at 17, when I took a co-op job at a steel rolling facility in Attleboro, Mass while studying Electricity at Tri-County RVTHS. I found myself much more interested in the I&C department, which I was being taught basics as something to strengthen my electrical troubleshooting skills. Upon graduation, I spoke with my foreman and he was more than happy to put me in the Instrumentation department full time.

I worked hard to learn all that the two self-appointed “old-timers” could teach me. At the same time, I worked towards an electrician’s license, as industrial electricity was, and still is, of interest to me. In November of 2019, the latter effort paid off, and I became a Journeyman Electrician in the state of Massachusetts.

I applied to Hallam-ICS at the same time as a few other positions for several reasons. When I came in to interview with Hallam, I had been to several over a few weeks that all felt the same, a great pitch but always a catch. Before I left the interview, I knew this would be it.

Hallam is the only company of this size I’ve known who honestly treats employees as assets, not resources. Other companies, the employers say this tired phrase, but Hallam-ICS is a company where employees will say this. The support system you get as an employee is one of a kind, and I personally wake up each day ready to go to work and help the business, and by extension all of us, excel.

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