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Base Office: Middletown, CT


MEP Engineering

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Wayne Catucci | Mechanical Engineer

I am one of the rare people in life who knew what they were going to do at an early age. In high school I applied and was accepted to participate in a pre-engineering set of classes along with a dozen other students. This base of knowledge prepared me for my college and professional career. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Haven in CT. As my entire family is from CT my career has always been focused to this area. My engineering career began on the contracting side of things. This taught me valuable lessons about how things are “actually” done in the field. After a few years there I worked for multiple consulting firms in the state. I learned a great deal about the industry. I first heard of Hallam-ICS when an older coworker was speaking about “the best firm” he had ever worked for. He mentioned how this specific Vermont based firm had a satellite office in CT and how he was interested to see if the place maintained the same fulfilling culture that it had around twenty years prior. The way he spoke of the firm instantly drew my attention. Upon looking further into the company, I knew that the social mission of the firm aligned with my personal views, so I had to see what this place is all about. Throughout the interview process it became clear that the employees of this firm hold a deep belief in the excellence that exudes from this place. In addition to the apparent culture, the portfolio of the firm speaks for itself. I am very excited to align and develop my career with Hallam-ICS.