My Hallam Story
William Brigham

Base Office: South Burlington, Vermont


Process Control and Plant Automation

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William Brigham | Project Manager

Being born and raised in Vermont, I had intended to establish my career in the Green Mountain state after graduating with my electro-mech degree. However, as usual, life had different plans for me. Due to underwhelming job prospects in Vermont in 2008, after graduating I decided to move out of state and begin my career as a PLC Controls Engineer. I started in Connecticut and 10 years, 5 states and two countries later I was ready to come back home. I knew that given my specialized career in the niche market of automated warehousing logistics that finding a relevant job in Vermont would be difficult and would likely require a career or field change. While I was able to find jobs close to where I wanted to be geographically, they typically required long commutes or extensive travel away from home.  After three years of trying to make things work, I was totally burned out. When Hallam reached out to me about an interview, I was hesitant at first, but after learning more about the company and talking to Keith I recognized this was a great opportunity for me. With Hallam, I’m working at a company that respects work life balance and has local work close to my home in St Albans, as well as providing a tremendous opportunity for learning and career growth.