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white paper keys to successful instrumentation projectKeys to Successful Instrumentation Project

An experienced Main Instrumentation Vendor (MIV) knows the importance of establishing an effective project plan prior to beginning work. This white paper offers fundamental concepts that can be applied to ensure your instrumentation project is a success.

  • The 4 steps of an instrumentation project
  • Main Instrument Vendor (MIV) Process Execution
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white paper upgrading controls while keeping plant runningUpgrading Obsolete Control System While Keeping Plant Running

Key questions that should be asked prior to planning an upgrade to an obsolete control system.Download White Paper

white paper programming with plant paxProgramming with Rockwell Automation PlantPAx

Consider these key factors before implementing PlantPAx to ensure smooth installation.Download White Paper

white paper PLC5 conversionPlanning a PLC5 to ControlLogix Conversion

Planning tool and ideas that will help you to convert your Allen-Bradley PLC5 to ControlLogix on a budget.Download White Paper

webinar - 8 steps PLC to contrologix conversion8 Steps for PLC5 to ControlLogix Conversion

Consider this planned conversion and cutover strategy before performing a no longer supported PLC 5 to ContolLogix migration.Access Webinar

Guide to batch S88Introduction to Batch Processing with S88

Get better results from batch processing with S88. This detail-rich guide provides process examples, recipe and physical models. Download Guide

case study modernaInstrumentation and Metrology for Over 400 Instruments

Utilizing a proprietary instrument Management Database and Reporting application to record and track critical information and in-process status.Read Case Study

case study siemens medical

Installation and Calibration for cGMP Environment

Clear upfront communication allowed for tested instruments to be delivered on-site with a well-established turnover package for commissioning and validation.Read Case Study

case sudy data reporting university

Data System for Reporting, Trending & Analysis using OSIsoft PI System

Aggregating utility and HVAC data from multiple control systems into a common time-series historian database for data reporting, trending, and data analytics.Read Case Study

case study upgrading cup

Upgrading Control System on a Running Central Utility Plant

Avoiding the risk of a hardware failure by upgrading the entire control system while keeping the CUP running without a single interruption on the manufacturing floor.Download Case Study

case study data analysis line run

Data Analytics to Obtain Production Line Run Rates for Scheduling

Building a data analytics application for determining the Scheduling Run Rate of packaging lines at multiple sites for planning different types of production.Read Case Study

Bringing Maintenance Records from  Excel to a Modern Application

An interactive web application using ASP. Net and a Microsoft SQL Database to mimic the existing Excel spreadsheet the client was comfortable using.Read Case Study

case study overall equipment effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) System

A flexible and scalable system for production optimization with an ability to select manual downtime reasons as well as capturing automatic alarms.Read Case Study

case study non dairy equipment install

Control System Implementation for a New Equipment Line

Seamless integration of new equipment in an existing frozen dessert manufacturing facility with the introduction of a new production line.Read Case Study

case study mineral process - document migration

System Documentation Migration from Legacy to Modern

A modern Web Application to save the data into an SQL Database, keep it compatible with the existing SCADA application.Read Case Study

case study instrumentation lead vaccine mfg facility confidential client

Instrumentation Lead

Procurement, receipt verification, bench testing, and installation of over 250 devices for the balance of plant systems for the Fill Finish, Bulk Building and Central Utility Plant.Read Case Study

case study misstion critical the pentagon

Mission Critical Chilled Water Control System

A robust and fail-safe control system to monitor for chilled water system failures, isolate failed areas, initiate back-up chillers and route chilled water to critical areas.Read Case Study

case study instrument calibration pharmaceutical new mfg facility confidential client

New Manufacturing Facility Instrument Calibration

The company needed experienced control system technicians who could assist in the calibration of the instrumentation.
Read Case Study

sample bench test form

Bench Test Form

A bench test ensures that instruments / valves are in good working order and have not been damaged in shipment. It should be performed before instruments / valves are delivered to the field for installation.View Sample

case study process control BYK

Process Control System in Accordance with S88 Batch

A 2,400 I/O points system that utilizes the Rockwell Software PlantPAX platform and meets specific current objectives while being flexible and scalable for future needs.Read Case Study

case study renovationa and expansion pharmaceutical mfg facility confidential client

Process Instrumentation Installation
and Management

Procurement, quality inspection, bench testing, electrical installation, I/O checkout and NIST traceable field calibration.Read Case Study

sample material receipt form

Instrumentation Receipt Form

In establishing Material Receipt process, we use the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Standard as a guide. All material inspection results are recorded and submitted as part of the Turnover Package.View Sample

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