WEBINAR: 8 Steps for PLC5 to ControlLogix Conversion

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ray zz

Ray Racine

Senior Controls Engineer

"To date, I have converted more than 25 systems, supporting hundreds of networked & wired drives, hundreds of networked solenoids, and over 100 racks of PLC5 remote I/O."

After having an over 30-year run, PLC5 is no longer supported and the processors have not been manufactured since 2017.  You know you need to convert but where should you begin? Rather than risk an unplanned shut down of your line, you need a planned conversion and cutover strategy.  This webinar outlines some things to consider before performing a PLC 5 to ContolLogix conversion.

Topics covered:

  • Re-envisioning your System
  • Budget
  • Components
  • Pitfalls
  • What to do with your PLC5 code
  • What to do with your SCADA or HMI
  • What to do with your Panelboards
  • Cutting the system over