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Commissioning and V-Model

If my building was commissioned, then why am I still getting complaints from the building occupants?

High performing, energy efficient buildings that function properly can still lead to occupant complaints.  However, the Commissioning V-Model can help reduce these complaints.

This white paper will define Commissioning (Cx), give an overview of a project’s phases and from a commissioning standpoint, outline what is involved in each phase, introduce the Commissioning V-Model, and finally discuss how the Commissioning V-Model can be used by all members of the team to help reduce the number of complaints from building occupants.

Commissioning and V-Model White Paper

"...Of all the projects that I have been involved in, for the most part all team members were trying to complete the project on time, under budget, and to the best of their ability.  So if an Owner hires only competent professionals to design, construct, and test their new building or space, what else can be done to reduce the number of complaints by occupants long after the project’s completion?  The Commissioning V-Model can be used..."


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