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Planning a PLC5 to ControlLogix Conversion

This white paper will provide you with a planning tool and some ideas that will help you to convert your Allen-Bradley PLC5 to ControlLogix.  It provides valuable information in these areas:

  • 3 Ways to Meet Your Budget
  • Custom Solutions to Further Reduce Costs
  • A Multi-Year Conversion Case Study

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"...Now that we have committed to the conversion process, we need to find the money. Few of us live in a world of limitless funds.  We all have a budget.  Conversions offer the opportunity for the Generic, Mid-Scale and Gold-Plated versions.  If you have a Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) PLC5 installation on an ancient line that still makes money, odds are good that you will have to do a Generic, Low-Cost, conversion.  If this is a high-profit line with on-going changes, you may be able to convince management that you need the Gold-Plated conversion.  Many of you will land in the middle...."


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