Case Study: Major Semiconductor Manufacturer

We partnered with ONSEMI to provide solutions for cleanroom conversions, equipment replacement, and power upgrades. 


Partial Project Team

Kristian Montenegro

Kristian Montenegro, Senior Project Manager

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onsemi Project Experience

Northeast United States


Phase 1 & 3 Cleanroom Conversions
We worked with owner to renovate two datacenters to raised floor cleanrooms to support new wafer probing and inspection tools. We were the lead design firm for the work, it included HVAC, electrical and process gases. The retrofit nature of the work gave us some unique challenges with respect to the HVAC and we deployed a combination of packaged air handling units and fan filter units with house air handling air to meet the recirculation, pressurization, and temperature control requirements. This project’s execution partner is PC Construction.

Spent Sulfuric Acid Equipment Replacement
We are working with the owner to replace an existing chemical distribution unit handling high concentration acids with a new, more expansive system of a valve manifold box, a chemical distribution unit, and new controls. This project includes new concrete supports for the relocated tanks, a new sump box for overflow piping, a replacement programmable logic controller, new containment piping, and extended containment piping. This project’s execution partner is PC Construction.

Jacket Cooling Water Expansion
Part of the Phase 2 and 3 gap analyses we provided and the owner’s long-term planning indicated a need to increase the jacket cooling water flow in B323 significantly. We completed a study to evaluate different options to install new jacket water cooling equipment and piping in the existing sub-fab which concluded in March 2023. We are poised to start detailed design of the owner-selected option.


Buildings 323 & 323A Phase 2 & 3 Tool Installation, Infrastructure & Process Lateral Extension
On this project we are the lead design firm to evaluate the existing infrastructure to accommodate the owner’s new tool installation and provide a gap analysis. From the gap analysis, we produced construction documents. We designed upgrades or extensions to ventilation, gas distribution, chemical drains, cooling water, control systems, and electrical systems. Phase 2 work is currently under construction.

Buildings 323 & 323A Standby Power Upgrade
GLOBALFOUNDRIES hired us to first study their existing standby power system and then implement needed changes. We worked with the site’s electrical engineer to review historical loading on the existing generator system and modeled the generator’s response and confirmed the as-was plant was not adequate to meet the load. Our design project covered severing B323A from B323’s power the installation of a new 3,000 kW generator to serve B323A. This project’s execution partner is PC Construction.

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