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Kristian Montenegro | Client Solutions Director Regional Manager - New York

I’d like to share with you the reasons why I decided to join Hallam-ICS and why I envision staying as long as I can. As a college student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, there was a perceived positive correlation between being hired by a large company and success. Upon graduation I followed suit and worked for a few large firms for about 8 years.

All of these companies were formed over 100 years ago and were well established in the way they did things. For the most part their bottom lines were excellent. They were leading manufacturers and very good at what they made and how they made it. I gained extensive knowledge on equipment and processes. I had the “what” and “how” down pat! But something was missing from their story and mine, and that was the “why”.

Why did these companies make and sell what they did? Why did some of the people work so hard to make the bottom line? Some might say “to get paid”, “to have insurance”, and ultimately “to have money”. I was looking for so much more than that in my career and my company. I was looking for a company that helped me answer the “why”.

Why did I join Hallam-ICS? My original reason was simple; they seemed to care about their employees. I got that genuine feeling during my initial introduction to Hallam-ICS with Keith Flaherty. He emphasized how truly people oriented the company was and that it was heading towards being 100% employee owned. “A company that shares their success with their employees” I thought, “what a concept”. Being employee owned to me is not merely a vessel for money or retirement, but as someone once put it, “Hallam-ICS will always be a place where people can find personal and professional fulfillment”. If I work hard and succeed the person next to me succeeds, and if we succeed our company succeeds. If we are successful in our professional lives, this carries over into our personal lives. Being successful, professionally and personally, leads to happiness. That is the first part to answering my “why”, to make others and myself happy.

The other answer I’ve learned from working here for almost two years now. We have a shared vision, not just bottom line numbers and the expected growth that must be met in the next year. We openly share our company’s financials and where it is being distributed to. We treat people as a valued work family and not just a number. We always value anyone’s ideas and anyone can influence the direction of the company should they choose to try. The second answer to my “why” is to obtain a feeling of accomplishment and being valued.

Like a young child, ask yourself “why, why, why, why do I work so hard”? Does your company help you answer your “why”?



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