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ANEW Place

Burlington, VT

ANEW Place


"At ANEW Place, our mission is to provide a holistic continuum of services for the homeless, centered in love and dignity, that foster growth, cultivate community engagement, and provide tools for lifelong change so that each person may start anew"

                                                                    ~ANEW Place

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" Thank you Hallam for supporting our organization. This summer we will be extending our individualized case management to 10 additional guests at the Champlain Inn with the goals of establishing sustainable income, connect community services and move into long term housing. Your donation will help us reach that goal "

Nominated by:

Jacob Hillegas- Controller

South Burlington, VT

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"ANEW Place has been around for nearly as long as Hallam, having served Burlington for 39 years. I’ve always been impressed with ANEW Place’s care and long-term vision for each person who walks through their doors. Their pathway to walk alongside someone experiencing current homelessness all the way through teaching skills, transitioning into independent housing, and ultimately ending the cycle of homelessness is both personalized and successful. I had supported ANEW and had known Kevin Pounds before he became director at ANEW, and it’s been a joy to see his passion for the mission at ANEW since then. Hallam has been a partner with ANEW through our annual service day projects, as well as helping add a healthy spirit of competition to ANEW’s rock paper scissors tournaments – famously hosting our own internal practice tournaments to prepare for the main event. I’m excited that we can continue to support our community through ANEW with our 40 weeks campaign!" 

~ Jacob Hillegas

40 years