Giving Story

Brush Brook Community Farm

Huntington, VT

Brushbrook Community Farm

"The mission of Brush Brook Community Farm—to extend reparations to the more-than-human world—is most simply a practice of radical localism, and can be understood as a journey of homecoming, returning bit by bit to the good work of caring for one another and for the home place that sustains us."

~Brush Brook Community Farm

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"At Brush Brook Community Farm, we work in service of this possibility of "mutually sustaining relationships between resident humans and their home places." That a farm, as we commonly use the word, provides sustenance for the human community is assumed."

Nominated by:

Alex Murray, Former Hallam-ICS Employee

South Burlington, VT



"I nominated Brush Brook Community Farm in Huntington VT because I believe they fit right into Hallam’s social mission. They exist to educate the community on sustainable agricultural practices and offer all of their products as a gift to whoever is in need. So all of the food grown there is gifted during weekly distributions, typically in the form of a quart of soup and loaf of bread however they offer whole veggies too. I personally have been volunteering there since this summer and have to come to appreciate everything they are doing."

~Alex Murray

40 years